Gluten-free OCD Ashley SekalHello, & welcome to my blog! My name is Ashley & this is the place where I spill the contents of my soul to the world. As you might deduce from the title of the site, I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I don’t like to say I suffer from it. Let’s not give the bastard too much power.

I called the site Gluten-free OCD because OCD has been my biggest health challenge, I stay away from gluten, &, let’s be honest, it rhymes. However, my diet is not just gluten-free. In addition to OCD, I am dealing with autoimmunity, so I follow a version of the Paleo diet called the Autoimmune Protocol. I’m currently in the elimination phase, & I’m hopeful that eventually I’ll be able to follow a more standard Paleo diet.

I believe that what we put in & on our bodies has a great deal of influence over our health. I decided to start a blog to talk about my successes & roadblocks regarding this lifestyle, & because I think that the food we eat can truly influence OCD symptoms. OCD is very misunderstood & I want to be a part of shedding light on what it truly means to have OCD.