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Did you know that regulations on personal care products & makeup in the United States are incredibly lax? There are currently 1400 harmful chemicals either banned or restricted from cosmetics in the European Union. Here in the US? 30. In fact, the last time Congress passed any major federal law regarding the regulation of cosmetics was in 1938.

Enter Beautycounter. Beautycounter’s mission is to provide safer options for skincare, beauty, & personal care products while advocating for the reformation of federal cosmetic safety laws.

Beautycounter refuses to trade product safety for performance. There are over 1500 ingredients that Beautycounter excludes from its products, & the rest of the ingredients are put through a rigorous selection process.

Now, not all chemicals are bad, but there are many harmful ones being used in our personal care & beauty products today. Some examples of popular chemicals used in these products are parabens, phthalates, & synthetic fragrances, all of which can contribute to the dysregulation of hormones.

The endocrine system isn’t the only body system at risk, but endocrine disruption is an issue I’m all too familiar with. After adopting a Paleo diet & removing my breast implants, I’m still recovering from the damage done to my body by endocrine-disrupting chemicals. As such, I want to avoid these sorts of chemicals as much as possible.

Ashley Sekal Beautycounter

Our skin is our largest organ. Toxins can easily enter our bodies through the skin because they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream instead of going through the intestines first. We can also take in toxins by inhaling them [perfumes, sprays, & powders] & ingesting them [lipsticks & lip balms].

I trust Beautycounter & its dedication to safer skincare & beauty products. Beautycounter & I share this common value, which is why I’ve decided to become a Beautycounter Consultant. As a Consultant, I can be a part of Beautycounter’s mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone.

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